Manage Edge mobile favorites with Microsoft Intune

In the past, I wrote some articles about managed favorites for Edge on Windows and macOS. With Microsoft Intune, we are also able to pre-configure favorites with Managed Bookmarks.

Managed Bookmarks are configured using an App Configuration Policy In Intune. Read further to see how this needs to be configured.

Create App Configuration policy

We create this policy for managed apps, in which we choose Edge as managed app.

  • Give the profile a Name
  • Enter a Description (Optional)
  • Click Select public apps
  • Search for Edge
  • Select Edge (twice)
  • Click Select
  • Click Nex
  • Open Edge configuration settings
  • Enter all the required Bookmarks
  • Click Next

Finalize the setup wizard by assigning the policy to a security group.

End-user experience

For the end-user experience, I can be short. The Bookmarks are added to the list of favorites. By default, it also includes a shortcut for My Apps.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, leave a comment.


  1. Hi, thanks for this post! Do you know if it is possible to configure Edge on devices enrolled as Android Enterprise Fully Managed Dedicated devices? The users do not sign in to the device or the Edge browser. Edge is set as a required installment app, and I would like to configure it with a few settings like bookmarks. I’ve tried to select Managed Device instead of Managed App in the first step and assign the configuration to a security group containing the devices, but it does not work.

    • Ho Thomas,

      Sorry for the late response, I missed your comment!
      I`ve never tried it. I guess you should still use Manage App in the first step and assign it to a device collection.



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