Hi, welcome to my blog “In The Cloud 24-7”!

My name is Peter Klapwijk and I live near the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I work as an Infrastructure DevOps Engineer at Nationale Nederlanden (NN Group).
My professional focus is on cloud products offered by Microsoft like Enterprise Mobility + Security (Intune) and Office 365.

In 2020 I received the Microsoft MVP award for Enterprise Mobility as recognition for my work for the Microsoft Community. You can find my MVP profile here.

Visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about my work experience.

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And my GitHub profile can be found here.

Feel free to contact me by leaving a message in the comments or sending an email to peter[at]inthecloud247.com.
I do not accept guest posts/ writing, that’s why there is no point in emailing me for this.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Bedankt. Geweldige site. Ik heb enkele linkjes van je site gebruikt ter voorbereiding van M365 examens. Top!

  2. H, great content/blogs for intune. I have a query, we issue fully managed corporate devices to our users however I need to deploy a paid for app for one user but cant see the option for how to do that. Any ideas?

    -I am working with the Galaxy S20FE device for about 2 years
    -09/22 would have installed MS Intune work profile (mod) for company owned Android Enterprise (COPE) for device management

    Unified Endpoint Management solution (it can be Knox Mobile Management, Intune or Mobile Iron) must instruct the device to start using that mode and can provide to the device configs and apps over Android API system.
    Example of policy which can be delivered by UEM is Network Config.
    -and from this point on, my device’s Wi-Fi module starts automatically/ spontaneously (irregularly):

    -IT department on trial removed the “corporatemobile” wifi connection on Android, and the automatic connection disappeared
    -by trial/error I have come to the conclusion that the connection problem is generated by the MS Intune environment – can you please help me where to change the MS Intune settings ?

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