Free online courses for Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamic 365

Microsoft released new Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 exams in the last few weeks. Now there are some free online courses available to prepare yourself for those exams. Here you find an overview of all those courses.

Update 11-12-2019:
I added links to courses for Dynamics 365

Update 10-30-2019:
I again changed a few links. The AZ-200 and 201 exams are replaced bij AZ-203.
AZ-400 is added to the list.

AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security

AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

MB-200: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core

MB-210: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

MB-240: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

MB-900: Dynamics 365 fundamentals

MD-100: Windows 10

MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops

MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

MS-200: Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform

MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform

MS-300: Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork

MS-301: Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid

MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration

MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

An overview of all the Microsoft exams can be found here.

Good luck with your study and the Microsoft 365 and Azure exams!


  1. This list is amazing! Other than your site, I am unable to find any other way of seeing the courses available on Microsoft’s Open edX site. How did you compile this list? I am curious if there are any other courses available on Microsoft’s Open edX site that are not necessarily certification focused. For instance, I am looking for in-depth training on Windows Autopilot as well as SCCM and MDT. Thanks so much!

  2. I just had to comment on this to encourage you. It took me weeks to finally find all the information I need in one place – your website.

    Thank you. You are a hero!!!

  3. Like Valentine said above, this is a really great site…….Look me so long to finally get this training links to MS-101 and MS-500.

    Emmy Awards to you!!!!

    • Hi Richard,

      I indeed see the links don`t work anymore, although the random courses of the list I checked are still available on EDX. I will have a look to the links later, but what particular course are you looking for?

  4. really good content, it looks like a lot of the links are now broken? They seemed to work last week, but just goes to Microsoft’s main page now? 🙁

  5. I get the message “Enrollment is closed” on any that I try. Also tried to change T1 tot T2 or T3.

  6. How do you find these links? I can enroll in some classes, but some are closed. Tried changing to T2 and T3, but didn’t work. Tried to just pull up a course list and nothing populates, just a blank screen.

    Thanks in advance

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