Intune MAM Conditional Access update

intune-mam-conditional-accessTwo weeks ago I wrote this article about Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM), a great solution of Microsoft to keep your corporate data save on , for example, BYOD`s. This week at Ignite a great new feature of MAM was announced, Conditional Access for Exchange and SharePoint Online. Until now it was pretty hard to force your users to only use the apps on their mobile devices which are managed with Intune MAM to access corporate data like email or SharePoint files. You had to set several settings in Intune, use claim rules in ADFS etc. to block access to you corporate data by using unmanaged apps. Lots of users probably are still using these unmanaged apps, because they are familiar with the apps for years, don`t have to enter a pin-code to enter the app and so on.
With Conditional Access as part of Intune, you have a very easy way to force your users to use the managed Outlook to access Exchange Online and multiple managed apps to access your files on SharePoint Online. It simply blocks all other apps in a few clicks!

If you want to see Intune Mobile Application Management in action, watch below video. On the end of this video Conditional Access is shown!

Update 15-10-2016:
As described on this site, conditional access for mobile application management is rolled out in a few days for Exchange Online!

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