Company Portal (offline) app fails to install when deployed with Microsoft Intune

Today is just a short post to inform you about an issue we run into with deploying the offline version of the Company Portal app via Microsoft Intune.

The CP app failed to install and showed the error “The package couldn’t be opened” with error code 0x80073CF0.

It didn’t make any difference if we deployed the app as required or tried to install the app via

Although several error events (403, 404, 465, 497) were shown under AppxDeploymentServer – Operation in the event viewer, these didn’t point us to the cause of the issue.

We decided to dig into our applied settings (these are a lot of settings) and found out that the setting Delivery Optimization – Download Mode caused the issue. Actually, it was caused because the setting was configured to value 100, which means Download Mode is set to Bypass mode. It sets the machine to not use Delivery Optimization and use BITS instead. Although we didn’t block BITS (we were able to use BITS during testing) it caused the Company Portal offline version to fail to install.

The underlying CSP/ OMA-URI of this setting is:

After removing the setting, the Company Portal was installed just fine.

We’ve got confirmation via Microsoft support that setting this setting to Bypass mode will cause all Appx deployments from HTTP(s) to fail.
Besides that, Bypass mode will be deprecated in Windows 11.

I hope by sharing this experience, I at least save one person from spending a lot of hours digging into an issue when installing Appx Deployments with Intune 🙂

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