Deploy Win32 apps with Microsoft Intune

At Microsoft Ignite Brad Anderson announced a new feature for Microsoft Intune; deploy Win32 applications with Microsoft Intune. A much requested feature for Intune, to remove another blocker in modern desktop deployment. In this blog I will have a look at this feature with the deployment of Google Chrome with Intune.


There are some pre-requisites for the client and application:

  • Windows 10 1607 or later and at this moment Enterprise edition
  • Client needs to be (Hybrid) Azure AD joined
  • Enrolled in Intune
  • Application size is capped at 2GB

Prepare the application

We need to wrap the installer file first with a tool which you find here at GitHub. Download the file to a local folder and start the tool from a command prompt or PowerShell. The tool will ask you for the source folder, setup file and an output folder.


The installer file will be converted to an .intunewin file which can be uploaded to Intune. The tool provides you verbose logging. When Done!!! is shown the .intunewin file is ready for deployment.

App conversion

Deploy the app with Intune

Now it`s time to upload the file to Intune and deploy it to your Intune managed Windows 10 devices.

Add app

open the App package file tab and select your .intunewin file to upload to Intune.

App package file

At the App information tab at least fill in a Name for the application, a Description and the Publisher.

App information

On the Program tab you need to provide the install and uninstall commands. In this case the commands are pre-configured.


On the Requirements tab for a minimum you need to choose Operating system architecture and the Minimum operating system.


On the Detection rules tab you are able to define a detection rule. Choose Manually configure detection rules and as rule type MSI. If not already pre-configured, fill in the MSI product code. Other rule types are file and registry. If needed you can add multiple rules or use a detection script.

Detection rules

On the last tab (Return codes) verify the pre-configured codes, click OK and Add app to start uploading the application.

Return codes

When the upload is finished you are able to assign the application to the required group. After a sync with Intune the application will be installed in a short time.

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