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Share PowerPoint files with Skype for Business on Mac

I`m running Skype for Business on Mac version 16.8.196 and noticed I`m able to share a PowerPoint file during a Skype meeting.

When we have a look at this comparison table, under meetings support, it still doesn`t show it is supported. But I was pointed at another article which shows it is released end of June.

How does it work

During a meeting when you click on the three dots, you have the option Share PowerPoint file

Browse to the PowerPoint file which you want to share

And in a few seconds you are sharing a PowerPoint file during your meeting.

One of the benefits of sharing a PowerPoint file in comparison with screen sharing, you can add a video to the PowerPoint file. That way you are able to show a video during a meeting with audio, which runs without any lag.

Update July 24th: Microsoft support lets me know sharing a PowerPoint file is not fully supported. Sharing a file with video has the issue you cannot control the video in the PowerPoint like you are able to do on Windows. A workaround on this is to add the video to PowerPoint and make sure t automatically starts.


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