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Multi-Factor Authentication

Today just a short article about multi-factor authentication, to get your attention on securing the login process of your (cloud) users. Everybody knows it is very important to use a complex password to access (corporate) data. But even if your users are using complex passwords, passwords are still the weak link in IT security. The …

Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset

The first line of your IT Servicedesk probably receives a lot of phone calls from your end-users with the request to reset the users password. Resetting a password only takes a minute (or a few minutes when you first need to logon to the server or Office portal) for the engineer, so that`s no big problem. But …

What is Office 365 and what are the benefits

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my first blog and thank you for visiting my blog! These days the cloud is a hot item and in a few years it is expected most of the companies use one or more products in the cloud. The cloud is growing every day and it is hard to keep up with all the news about new released or updated products. But If you don`t know what is possible with products from the cloud, you will not use them. And I think …

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