Block Android enrollments by device manufacturer in Microsoft Intune

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Early 2020 Microsoft release a new option in Microsoft Intune to block Android enrollments by device manufacturer. This gives us the possibility to block Android devices from a specific manufacturer from enrolling in Intune.
In this short blog post I will show what steps need to be taken to block a specific device based on the manufacturer.

Set the Device Enrollment Restriction

For this example I show how to block devices from the vendors HMD Global (known of Nokia) and Huawei. Just two random examples of much used Android decices.

  • Sign-in to the Device Management Portal
  • Browse to Devices – Enrollment restrictions
  • Open the Default Device type restriction
    If you want to configure the enrollment restriction to a smaller set of users, create a new Device type restriction.
  • Browse to the Properties tab
  • Click Edit
  • Enter the manufacturer(s) you want to block
  • Click Review + Save
  • Click Save

The device enrollment restriction is set. Time for a small test.

End-user experience

For this test I used a Nokia Android device from the manufacturer HMD Global.

Download the Intune Company Portal app from the Google Play Store. Open the app and sign in with your corporate credentials to start a device enrollment.
You will see a message to use an Android device manufacturer other than HMD Global.
Couldn`t add your device.
Your company support needs you to use an Android device manufacturer other than HMD Global.

That`s all what needs to be in place to block Android enrollments by device manufacturer!

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