Backup your Synology NAS to Azure Storage

Today a blog about making a backup of your local Synology NAS data to Azure Storage. With this setup you can create backups of your NAS data outside your office without the need of a second NAS in a second data center or Office. When running a Synology NAS with DSM 6.0 or later, you are able to choose between Cloud Sync and Hyper Backup. Cloud Sync is a tool that syncs your data to cloud services like OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Azure Storage etc. Hyper Backup has more real backup capabilities as just syncing your data to the cloud, like multiple versions of your backup data and an easy way to restore your data.

Setup the backup job

The first step in setting up the backup of your Synology NAS is to create a Storage account in the Microsoft Azure portal. You have to choose Blob storage and you can choose between different Replication options. By default your data is Local-redundant, but their are other options like Geo-redundant. Other options to choose are Hot or Cool storage and if you want to encrypt your storage. For more information about the options and pricing have a look at this site.

After setting up your Blob storage, switch backup to the web GUI of your Synology and from the Package Center, on the Backup tab choose Hyper Backup to install.

When the installation is finished, open Hyper Backup and select Microsoft Azure as Backup target.

Choose the first option to create a backup task.
Fill in the name of your previously created storage account and provide the access key from this account, which you can find in the properties of the storage account in the Azure portal. After providing this information, you can browse the containers in the storage account or create a new container.

In the next screen choose the folders you want to backup to Azure.

Some apps are supported for backup.

On the Backup settings page you are able to choose settings like compress data, encryption and a backup schedule.

Choose a retention period.

When everything is set you are asked if you will run a backup and you are done.

Restore your data

Restoring data from Azure is as simple as setting up the backup job. Start the restore wizard, choose the right backup task and the backup set you want to restore from.
One remark; you are only able to restore folders (and data it contains), you are not able to choose just a file to restore.

If you need to restore your existing data to a new Synology NAS, just install Hyper Backup on the new NAS, on the first page choose Restore from existing repositories.
It allows you to connect to the existing backup in Azure.

Choose the folder to restore and everything will be restored to the new Synology NAS

A comparable backup solution to Azure is also available for other NAS suppliers, like QNAP.

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